Assumptions and That Ass-Making Thing

You know that old saw that says, "If you assume you make an ass out of you and me" right? Tired and lame as that saying may be, it still tends to ring true. I get caught up in my own assumptions and biases all the time. And I'm often guilty of letting those assumptions become self-fulfilling prophecies. This is never more true than when I'm making choices about what roleplaying games I want to play, and which people I want to play them with. If you've been listening to my squawking recently you're probably aware that I'm trying to commit myself to the idea of becoming a better, more welcoming, more collaborative player. I want to encourage a wider diversity of humans to come to the table to play, I want to help make them feel welcome and safe when they get there, and I want to help … [Read More...]


Showing the DudeBros the Door

I don't play many video games, but I remain on the informed fringe of that world because many of my friends and peers DO play them, and because so many aspects of video game culture - and critique thereof - have direct bearing on the tabletop gaming culture of which I AM a part. The video game hobby gets most of the press because it has grown into a huge industry, but almost everything that is going on in that sphere is also going on in the much smaller sphere of tabletop gaming. In other words, both hobbies are engaged in a struggle over issues of representation, equality, and access. And as more women, people of color, and LGBT folk become involved in gaming and/or speak up about the issues, the more entrenched, belligerent, and asinine a certain subset of straight white males has become … [Read More...]

A Monkey's Harp

Not Today, My Friend. Not Today

Several things have been swimming in my brain for the past few days -- My plans and hopes for becoming actively involved in justice/equality/human rights issues. My plans for creating and sharing ideas for growing as a tabletop roleplayer. My reborn itch to run/facilitate games again, and my desire to work on and finish some of the half-baked designs I've left lying dormant for years.Of course a lot of this energy has been fueled by my time at GenCon, which has fueled bursts of similar energies in the past. This time it also has a lot to do with a wakeup call regarding P.G. Holyfield, a brilliant, creative, wonderful human who supported and participated in the Harping Monkey podcasts and website who now is dying of some fucked-up form of cancer that only showed itself after it was far too … [Read More...]

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