Angela Lee Duckworth

True Grit?

Leah chose this video last night for our family tv-time and while we watched it, I must say, I wanted to rail against it big-time, a feeling that increased as the talk went on. As I pondered it afterward though, I realized I wasn't pissed off because I thought Dr. Duckworth is wrong, but because I'm forced to admit that - at least in terms of how success is measure in mainstream education and … [Read More...]

Rise Above

Metals and Blues: an -ahem- Exhibition

As of today, these six paintings of mine are featured on the walls of Kaelin's Coffeehouse in Louisville. Since the contract I signed calls it an exhibition, I guess that's what it is. They are for sale at Kaelin's, ranging in price from $50 up to $150. If you want one, contact me if you have questions about sizes, etc. and I will be happy to see about shipping it to you. We'll work … [Read More...]


Vegas After Midnight: Aces High

I've cooked up a set of thematic statements about the four Aces in Vegas After Midnight, and decided to put them in graphic form, like I do. Here they are - the Ace of  Diamonds, the Ace of Spades, the Ace of Hearts and the Ace of Clubs.   … [Read More...]


Apocalypse 2: The Un-Mickening

Yesterday's post about Vegas After Midnight not being post-apocalyptic generated this excellent comment on Facebook from my buddy-bro Daniel Perez, and I want to immortalize it here so it doesn't get lost, because there's not a person in the world who doesn't get all giddy when somebody expresses something that proves they totally smell what you're cookin'. Daniel wrote: "I also thought it was … [Read More...]

Apocalypse? Answering a Vegas After Midnight FAQ

Well, actually, I don't know how frequent a question needs to be before it becomes a "frequently" asked question, but this is a question that got asked a lot in the early days, and yesterday I got a message from a friend asking it again in the context of my recent post on the High Rollers, so I'm going to address it here as succinctly as Micking possible. The question as posed yesterday went … [Read More...]


Enter the High Rollers

Here's a look at the 18 High Rollers represented with their card ranks in Vegas After Midnight. And to help you get a feel for where i'm going with this. here are a few notes: Each of the suits is symbolic of a general realm of evocative aspects: SPADES covers the realm of Chaos, Destruction, Change, Transformation, Fate CLUBS covers the realm of Luck, Chance, Panache, Frivolity, … [Read More...]

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